Product analytics, simple and privacy-friendly

Fugu helps you to better understand how users use your product, without invading their privacy.

Fugu costs $9/month. Start tracking test events for free, subscribe for live mode. Or, host it yourself for free.

Tell me more!

I've built Fugu because I was missing a simple product analytics tool that's affordable and has privacy baked in. Fugu is open-source and you can host it yourself if you want.

The focus on privacy-friendliness and simplicity translates to a few things: First, Fugu never tracks any personally identifiable information such as IP addresses. Second, Fugu is made for people who don't need fancy product analytics tools but prefer a set of easy-to-use features over a complex user experience.

Fugu is 100% self-funded. We will never raise venture capital and never sell your data to third parties (or use it in any way). The only revenue stream is the $9/month subscription fee that we charge to our customers. Our servers are located in Germany and your data doesn't leave the EU.

How much does it cost?

The cloud version of Fugu has one price tier and it costs $9/month. In the cloud version, you automatically get all updates and bug fixes, and can track up to 1 million events per month. Self-hosting is free.

How does it work?

Fugu has an event-based tracking system. Every time you want to track an event, you call the Fugu API from your app. In your request, you need to provide an event name and can optionally provide event properties. Your request body could look like this:

  "api_key": "very_secret",
  "name": "Fun event",
  "properties": {
    "color": "Blue",
    "type": "Oak"

Once you've started tracking events, you can log in to your Fugu account and analyze your data.


Fugu focuses on simplicity and therefore provides a small set of features. We believe that these are enough for most use cases. Check out our roadmap to see what's coming.

Event tracking

This is the fundament of Fugu. All you need to do is send Fugu your events.

Property value breakdown

Events have optional properties that consist of keys and values that you can set almost arbitrarily. In Fugu, you can break down each property by its different values to better understand what's going on. For example, you might track a "platform" property for your "Clicked Payment Button" event. The "platform" property could have different values, such as "android" "ios", and "web". By breaking down your event by this property value, you will better understand where your payment button clicks are coming from.

Time aggregation

You can choose to display your events aggregated by day, week, month or year. This helps you to zoom in and out of your data to better grasp micro and macro trends.


Fugu never tracks any personally identifiable information such as IP addresses or unique users. I believe it's well possible to understand how users use your product without invading their privacy.


Here are the key features that we are working on (no specific order):

Missing something? Let me know on Twitter or open an issue on GitHub.

Why should I NOT use Fugu?

Fugu's focus on simplicity allows us to deliver a solid product at a fair price. However, this also means that we focus only on a small set of analytics features. I think these features cover most needs of indie hackers or smaller teams. You shouldn't buy Fugu if you want features such as more complex reports, saving dashboards, integrations with other tools or enterprise features like SSO and access control.


Fugu is open-source and you are welcome to host it yourself, for free - no strings attached. I think this is ideal for folks who have very specific data and privacy requirements or want to go over the 1 million events per month limit. For most customers, using the managed version will be much easier and probably cheaper.